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Friday, October 16, 2009


So yesterday I found out something that has totally turned my world around. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I can't put it on here but can only express the emotions that I'm going through at this moment. This seriously will hurt one of the people that I love the most in life and I can't do anything about it. I can only decide to make the decision whether or not I even want to expose it. Have you ever been in that place where whatever you decide could possibly alter another person's world forever? That's where I'm at. I'm right at Pandora's box and I'm about to open it. If you feel the earth shake for a second..then it's because of me. I just don't get it. I'm hurt..by one of the people that I loved as well. Everything is going to be crazy, and my heart will break as well but I have to do what's right. Pray for me.


Manda said...

well, i can't tell you what to do in this situation, but *hugs*.. i'm here if you need me.

love you,

Tc said...

OMG what happened?????!

Dina said...

Your blog is screaming...UPDATE MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Joshua Cairns said...

I like your blog and am following. You should check out mine.

Happy said...

Wow... this sounds like something I am going through as well. I hope everything go well (considering whatever the circumstances are) I wish you luck!

Cassandra said...

I think we've all been in that place before. It's not a comfortable place to be because no matter what happens it's going to hurt. Good luck with whatever you're dealing with right now.

Maria Andrea Gomez Paez AUST said...

wish you the best , I was in that possition and it hurts when you dont know what to do , hope things work out for ya and do what you think its right

Yanks4Life23519 said...

good luck with whatever it is...I hate tough situations like that :(

whiteoakfarm said...

Fuck it.

walk away from it and in 30 years you won't even remember it.

or at leat it won't be so earth shattering.

I've had people tell me earth shaking things before, it was no favor.

Take it and tuck it deep, deep, DEEP down inside and let it gnaw on you and you alone.

that's my advice.

Dont be selfish, take the pain, keep it to yourself.

Anonymous said...

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Chris Summer-Shaddock said...

like so many people have said, you'll get through this. i also know it's probably the last thing you wanna hear at the moment, it certainly was when it happened to me. bury it deep, bury it far, let no one see you hurt coz the pity will hurt so much more.
C.S-S xxx

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sourabh gupta said...
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